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Wash basin use matters needing attention

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Face basin is essential to modern bathroom space in a sanitary ware products, the basin products on the market are more diverse, the material of different, has its own advantages and disadvantages is different, so in the using process of the basin is also a need to note a few items, bathroom OEM manufacturer of ordinary life how to use basin?
1, in the environment of damp bathroom space, washbasin such external moment can not resist strength, impact rupture drop will produce many sharp fragments, and shrapnel wounds. I should teach children correctly use sanitary methods, and the child in the bathroom toilet activities more attention if they have improper behavior, should be corrected immediately, to avoid accidents.
2, change smoothly in the basin the items placed on the bad habits.
3, above the basin containing cosmetic in the larger volume or weight is heavy, activities, please also equipped with lockers, to facilitate the daily collection, avoid placing in the make-up plate.
Four, usually clean: Porcelain appearance soft brush or sponge dipped in a neutral cleaning agent cleaning, but avoid by all means is not hot water flushing or directly into the hot water, in order to avoid disruption of the basin. If you want to use the water basin, put cold water in the hot water to avoid scald.
5, regular maintenance: below the trap head can be disassembled, the accumulation of dirt removed, can keep drainage unobstructed.
6, the regular examination in basin whether dark cleft and basin storage with water, pour into colored pigments soaking for one night, if there is a dark crack phenomenon, can see clear.
7, the cleaning basin should try to use sponge dip detergent, remember do not use scouring pads, or with a hard brush, acid and alkali chemical reagent or solvent wipe scrub, because the formation of fine scratches on the surface of the basin, making it become rough and easy dirt deposition.
8, porcelain and glass heat conduction rate of small, if has more heat will be broken, so use need pay attention to temperature should not be too large, and shall avoid too strong external force collision, leading to rupture.
9, if the block type wash basin, in the clean-up, the need to pay particular attention to the table below and the junction of the dead part of the basin.
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