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User:Rodrigo Ordinary Member 2020/7/9 8:42:19
Hello Sir/Madam, I am Rodrigo from JS Santoro Motor Company. We are interested in your products. After viewing your website at Alibaba, We will like you to send us details catalogue of your product for us to make an order. Please send your product catalogue. Waiting for your urgent reply. -- Kind regards, Manage: Rodrigo. JS Santoro Motor Company Joao XXIII, 2218, Rio de janeiro, Brazil +55-11-2738-4009 Email:
User:ANDY Ordinary Member 2019/6/21 16:14:39
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User: Ordinary Member 2016/9/25 22:58:37
联系方式:mahmoud 内容:I don't know Chinese language to use ur site (来自手机版)
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