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Sanitary ware manufacturers on purchasing the toilet several points should be noted

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To say that directly affect the daily life of the most fundamental or sanitary ware, presumably on the toilet explosion network is also a lot of time sitting on the toilet toilet sitting is fried, look up the brain this shot is drunk. For this type of sanitary ware, product quality is the key, especially the toilet, the toilet clean and comfortable environment is sure everyone wants to be. When choosing goods than three more secure, through the phenomenon of nature, sanitary ware manufacturers Garda sanitary ware of the toilet to buy from the outside to the inside.
First, in the selection of the time can be used in military tapped on the outer wall of the toilet, hoarse voice, not loud and clear, that the toilet is likely to will the internal crack, or the toilet itself not cooked.
Second, a toilet, OK, the key is to look at the quality of ceramic, ceramic surface is uniform lubrication, soft color, the best selection of high density ultra smooth jade crystal glaze toilet, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, low water absorption rate, strong self cleaning and decontamination property, security and healthy living environment. With the surface of the hand gently touch the toilet, glazed and blank handle delicate, that toilet good quality; low grade of the toilet, the surface of the glazed coarse, dark, under the irradiation of the light will be found a small hole.
Third, pay attention to check the back water curve and water tank, to choose the glazed surface, so it is not easy to hide dirt, easy to clean. In the selection of the time, but also by hand into the toilet dirty mouth, touch the inside is smooth. The toilet will not ignore these two details.
Fourth, select the removable toilet, because you will worry about cleaning the toilet. Fast dismounting technology on the market to sell the toilet, do not need professional, you can also easily dismounted at home, cleaning health corner, and UF materials can cover, degradation, environmental protection net!
Fifth, test toilet pipe flushing effect. Under normal circumstances, should try to buy in front of the toilet flush. General cubic flush, the toilet is an average of at least to table tennis for five water out of, the market some toilet can only 4.5 liters of water, one of the 100 balls all out. In flushing time pay attention to the noise decibels, some optimization of the flushing system, can control the noise decibel in the range of 50 dB below. To have a baby in the family is very suitable.
The above points, ready to Jiezhuang friends should pay more attention to the choice of a suitable for your toilet is sensible, also can consider in the purchase habits bathroom area, design, and application of the.
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