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How to change the toilet daily breakdown processing?

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As the bathroom space is an important part of the sitting toilet, but often have various problems plagued us, such as poor flushing effect, the toilet is deodorant and so on. The bathroom for your support on the Garda simple recipe, make your toilet more convenient and worry free.
The most common is the most annoying problem: toilet flushing in continuous use, poor effect. If your home toilet has this problem, then there might be a reason:
1, low water pressure, slow water.
First of all, to check the water angle valve is open, and then check the water tank of a water level to the water line, such as do not meet the requirements, until after the completion of the replenishment of the water tank to flush.
2, slow or no water inlet. Is the water supply problem has nothing to do with the quality of the products.
If the water pressure is normal check the water tank in the water inlet valve is obstructed, if any, please remove debris. Daily can periodically clean the filter inlet valve to prevent clogging of the filter.
3, toilet water to do?
First, check float ball rod chain is too short, if, then adjust the length of the chain to the appropriate length. Then check the water tank fixing nut is tightened, followed by the most embarrassing: the toilet is deodorant. If your home toilet has this problem, then there are three possible reasons.
A, water is not enough, the water recovery is not in place, resulting in no odor. Solution to this problem is: check the radiator in use a water meets the water line, such as did not reach the requirements, until after the completion of the replenishment of the water tank to flush.
B, inlet valve of water supply pipe from the drain valve on the overflow pipe off, no water. The solution is to check the water supply pipe such as off drain valve in the overflow pipe, is installed properly, reinstall the water supply pipe.
C, toilet outfall and sewage pipe sealing, leakage. This situation should be re install the toilet.
Sit is far more than these, actually low-quality sit will is very hard to detect and repair here bad there, all let headed racking their brains. Buy a quality toilet can save a lot of trouble.


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